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Contribute to your health with “Washoku culture”

As Kula Sushi pursues a traditional healthy Japanese diet, we take pride in serving additive-free foods. This is not only limited to the sushi ingredients, but our ginger, soy sauce, vinegar, and broths also do not contain additives. To serve dishes at its best quality, we focus on both product and time management with the sushi cap called “Mr. Fresh.” It has been our fundamental principle to prioritize customer’s health over anything, and we are proud to say that all foods are served fresh and safe at our restaurants.

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    Natural, Fresh and Tasty.

    We proudly offer the sushi using ORGANC and/or No MSG food products.
    Our new successful system automatically disposes sushi plates after a certain time to keep the freshness.

    Enjoy the real revolving sushi that is tasty, fresh and always safe.

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