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All Japan Fair starting Friday 4/14

04.12.2017 | Category, News

Here is the most exciting time of the month!
Our monthly Japan fair starts from 4/14 (Fri) to 4/23(Sun).
This month, we are featuring multiple regions of Japan!
Japanese cuisine "Washoku" has now become increasingly popular throughout the world.
Seasonal harvests of the sea enrich the food culture in Japan providing the freshest seafood.

=Quantities are limited=
All sushi plates $2.25 ($2.50 at San Diego & Cupertino locations)
*Date Bluefin Tuna (1pc)
*Date Bluefin Toro (1pc)
*Amberjack (2pcs)
*Yuzu Marinated Snapper (2pcs)
*Bonito (2pcs)
*Seared Japanese Beef (2pcs)
*Jumbo Shrimp Tempura Box ($6.80)
*Shoyu Ramen ($5.80)
*Matcha Pudding ($3.20)
*SAKURA Parfait ($3.20)
Enjoy our natural taste of Japan here at Kula!

※New system is not available at Rancho Cucamonga.
※Jumbo Shrimp Tempura Box is not available at Rancho Cucamonga.
※We do not take reservations at any location.